T.A. Emerald Industries Case Settles for $9,000.00

This page last reviewed June 13th, 2013.

Between September 2009 and December 2012, T.A. Emerald Industries supplied their Performance Plus 3 and Puretronics Contact Cleaner & Lubricant products that contained VOCs in excess of the 75% limit for Electronic Cleaners and their Dynamite Nitro Force product that contained VOCs in excess of the 10% limit for General Purpose Degreasers to California. T.A. Emerald Industries immediately ceased sale of the product in California. T.A. Emerald supplied confidential financial records demonstrating severe financial hardship, thus a minimum penalty of $3,000 was assessed per the sale of each product in California. The case was settled on June 5, 2013 for $9,000.