Temple City Powersports Case Settles for $5,000

This page last reviewed December 21, 2011

In July 2011, the Air Resources Board (ARB) reached a settlement with Temple City Powersports located in San Gabriel, California that included a $5,000 penalty to the California Air Pollution Fund for offering for sale and selling one Aprilia motorcycle that was not certified for sale or use in California. An investigation by the ARB showed that sometime before July 2010 Temple City Powersports received a new 2010 Aprilia motorcycle from the manufacturer that had not been certified by ARB. The motorcycle was ultimately sold and registered to a California resident. This motorcycle was illegal for sale or use in California and was in violation of Health and Safety Code sections 43151 through 43153. The case settled in July 2011, for Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000).