Tesoro Refining & Marketing Company, Golden Eagle Refinery Case Settles for $40,000.00

This page last reviewed January 24th, 2013.

In January 2014, Tesoro Refining & Marketing Company (Tesoro), Golden Eagle Refinery paid $40,000 in penalties for violating reporting requirements associated with the California gasoline fuel regulations. From April 29, 2010 through May 22, 2010 Tesoro submitted four Predictive Model notifications associated with four batches of gasoline that failed to be in accordance with the Air Resources Board’s “California Procedures for Evaluating Alternative Specifications for Phase 3 Reformulated Gasoline Using the California Predictive Model” in violation of Title 13, California Code of Regulations, Section 2261 and Section 2266.5. One of these violations was discovered by ARB staff during routine audit procedures the other three were self-reported by Tesoro. In discussions with Tesoro staff, software user error (e.g. macros, rounding errors) led to the violations. Tesoro has since reviewed their software and reporting procedures to fix the problem.