The George Basch Company Case Settles for $27,600

This page last reviewed September 20, 2018

The George Basch Company (Freeport, New York) sold, supplied, and/or offered for sale a non-compliant Metal Polish or Cleanser: Nonaerosol in California. Enforcement staff purchased a sample of Eagle One Nevr-Dull Wadding Polish that contained concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOC) that exceeded the three percent limit for the Metal Polish or Cleanser: Nonaerosol category specified in Title 17, California Code of Regulations (CCR), section 94509(a). The violation resulted in 4.6 tons of excess VOC emissions, based upon the formulation and the sales information provided by George Basch. George Basch has agreed not to sell their product in California, except for the Eagle One version, which has been relabeled for automotive or marine use only. The penalty in this case was reduced to $27,600 because George Basch was able to demonstrate a financial hardship.