TJX Companies, Inc. Case Settles for $10,000.00

This page last reviewed October 12, 2012

On September 25, 2012, a case was settled with TJX Companies (TJX) for selling non-compliant hair styling products into California from 2009 through 2012. The products exceeded either the 6 percent by weight volatile organic compound (VOC) limit for aerosol and pump spray hair styling product or the 2 percent VOC limit for all other forms hair styling product in the Consumer Products Regulation, Title 17, California Code of Regulations (CCR), section 94509(a). The company was also in violation of section 94512(c) Administrative Requirements, Additional Product Dating Requirements. TJX agreed to pay $10,000.00 to settle the case and they instituted a self-evaluation of additional products they had imported to verify compliance with the regulations.