$75,000 Fine Paid by Trash Company

This page finalized August 1, 2006.


An investigation by the Air Resources Board (ARB) showed that Waste Management Collection & Recycling, Inc. of Santa Ana failed to properly self-inspect their diesel trucks to assure the trucks met State smoke emission standards. ARB found 43 vehicles that had not been subjected to the required inspections. Of those that were tested, Waste Management used a smoke opacity meter that was not in proper working order.
The ARB presented investigation results to the Orange County District Attorney's (DA) office, which filed a consumer protection suit against the trash company. The DA's suit against Waste Management was settled in Orange County Superior Court during September 2001.
The ARB's Periodic Smoke Inspection (PSI) Program requires diesel fleet managers to self-inspect their trucks once a year to assure the vehicles meet state smoke standards.
To settle the case, Waste Management paid a $75,000 penalty and to comply with the PSI program. The trash hauling company has also paid the ARB an additional $1,200 in penalties for vehicles that were checked by ARB inspectors during this investigation and failed to meet smoke emission standards.

Case Settlements