Two Brothers Racing, Inc. Case Settles for $34,000.00

This page last reviewed August 30th, 2013.

Two Brothers Racing (Two Brothers) is a manufacturer of motorcycle exhaust, race bike parts and aftermarket motorcycle accessories. Two Brothers sold, offered for sale, and/or advertised, in California, aftermarket critical emission control parts for motorcycles. These parts were intended for use with, or as a part of, a required motor vehicle pollution control device or system that alters or modifies the original design or performance of that motor vehicle pollution control device or system. Two Brothers instituted a number of actions upon receiving a Cease and Desist from the Air Resources Board (ARB). Two Brothers ceased sales in California, changed its website to have a disclaimer that its parts were to be used for racing purpose only and informed its customers that use of these aftermarket parts would void the vehicles’ warranty. 

The case was settled in August 2013 with Two Brothers agreeing to pay $34,000 to the California Air Pollution Control Fund.