Settlement Reached in the Ultra Motorcycle Case

This page finalized August 1, 2006.


Early in 2000, staff from the Enforcement Division (ED) performed a number of inspections at factory owned Ultra Motorcycle Manufacturing Company (Ultra) dealerships. Those inspections revealed that the dealerships were offering for sale and selling to ultimate purchasers custom made motorcycles that were not in Air Resources Board (ARB) certified condition. The motorcycles' emissions systems had been either removed or never installed. Notice of Violations (NOV) for violations of Health and Safety Code sections 43012, 43150, 43151 and 43152 were issued to the dealerships for the illegal motorcycles. The dealerships failed to respond to the NOV's and continued to offer for sale and sell illegal non-California certified motorcycles.
A case report was prepared by ED staff and referred to the ARB's Office of Legal Affairs (OLA) on February 23, 2000. After attempting to settle the case with Ultra, ARB's Legal Office determined Ultra was unwilling to do so and on August 21, 2000, referred the case to the California Attorney General's (AG's) Office for litigation. On July 11, 2001, a settlement agreement was reached. The final settlement was for $450,000.00 in penalties and Ultra has been placed on probation for three years.

Case Settlements