$55,000 in Fines Paid by United Automotive

This page finalized October 17, 2006.


During 2003, staff obtained samples of the one-gallon and two-gallon AA brand portable fuel containers from two distributors in Los Angeles that had been imported from China, one of which was United Automotive & Oil Company Wholesale, Inc. (United Automotive). In addition, United Automotive was also found selling gas cans from two different manufacturers in December 2003 that were in violation of the Portable Fuel Containers and Spouts Regulation. After several attempts to negotiate a mutual settlement, the United Automotive case was referred to the Attorney Generalís Office in Los Angeles. A civil complaint was filed in June 2005. The case was settled on March 15, 2006, for $55,000 after the parties agreed to resolve the case through a stipulated settlement agreement. United Automotive and its owner paid $5,000 and the remaining $50,000 will be paid if additional violations occur within one year.


Case Settlements