$22,500 in Fines Paid by United Pacific Waste

This page finalized March 19, 2009


United Pacific Waste will pay $22,500.00 in penalties for violating air quality regulations; $16,875.00 will go to the California Air Pollution Control Fund, $2,812.50 to the Peralta Community College District for distribution to participating California Council on Diesel Education and Technology (CCDET) colleges and $2,812.50 to the California Pollution Control Financing Authority to guarantee loans to off-road vehicle fleets that need to buy exhaust retrofits to comply with the in-use off-road diesel vehicle regulation.  This settlement was reached in February 2009 and the case was closed in March 2009.  An investigation by the Air Resources Board (ARB) showed that United Pacific Waste failed to properly self-inspect the portion of their diesel powered vehicle fleet that falls under the Periodic Smoke Inspection Program (PSIP).  United Pacific Waste also failed to comply with the Solid Waste Collection Vehicle (SWCV) rule by not applying best available control technology to the required number of SWCV engines.  To settle the case, United Pacific Waste agreed to the $22,500.00 penalty and to comply with the PSIP and the SWCV rule.