Vantage Power Vehicles Settles for LSI Violations for $49,500

This page finalized February 7, 2005.


During September of 2003, the Mobile Source Enforcement Section (MSES) visited Vantage Power Vehicle Inc. (Vantage) in Yorba Linda to verify allegations from a whistle blower about the illegal sale of light, off-road utility trucks equipped with non-California certified Large Spark Ignition (LSI) engines. During the inspection, MSES documented non-compliant vehicles on site. In addition, a record search produced files documenting the sale of non-compliant vehicles to consumers in California. Based on this evidence, the ARB issued a cease and desist order. The same month, MSES documented further violations that occurred after the cease and desist order. In response, Vantage produced a letter from China First Automobile Group (CFA), the current manufacturer of Vantage vehicles, stating that the engines were build before the effective date of the applicable regulations. However, MSES was able to show that the engines in the earlier Vantage vehicles that were produced by Kia, were made after the effective date of the regulation. With the assistance of the Orange County District Attorney's office, Vantage and the ARB were able to reach a settlement that included a program to recover the illegal vehicles and $44,500 to the Air Pollution Control Fund and $5,000 to the California District Attorney's Association. On March 30, 2004, Vantage received executive orders for the engine families powering the CFA vehicles.