$271,250 in Fines Paid by West Coast Choppers

This page finalized January 30, 2007


The Mobile Source Enforcement Section and ARB's Office of Legal Affairs negotiated a Settlement Agreement and Release with Jesse James of West Coast Choppers located in Long Beach in the amount of $271, 250.00.

Between 1998 and 2005, inclusive, West Coast Choppers acquired new motor vehicle engines and offered for sale and sold new custom built motorcycles with under 7,500 odometer miles for use or registration in California that were not certified for sale or use in California pursuant to Chapter 2 of part 5 of Division 26 of the California Health and Safety Code. The ARB alleges that the acquisition of the uncertified engines and the offer for sale and sale of the uncertified motorcycles were in violation of Health and Safety Code Section 43151, et seq. West Coast Choppers admits the facts as alleged, but denies any liability arising out of those facts.

West Coast Choppers will pay the sum of $271,250.00 to the California Air Pollution Control Fund. West Coast Choppers has since certified with ARB and has been issued an Executive Order.

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