Workhorse and Union City Body Cases Settle for $372,650

This page finalized August 1, 2006.


During March 2004, the Air Resources Board (ARB) reached settlements with Workhorse Custom Chassis (Workhorse) and Union City Body for introducing and selling non-certified and mislabeled vehicles in California.

A detailed investigation covering over a one-year period determined that Workhorse sold 86 non-California certified vehicles in California and 253 vehicles that were California certified but incorrectly labeled. To mitigate these violations, Workhorse worked with ARB enforcement and certification staff to modify all 86 vehicles to a California certified configuration. Workhorse also implemented an ongoing recall program L-31 to install the correct emissions label on the 253 affected vehicles. In addition to the corrective measures, Workhorse will pay $356,650 to the Air Pollution Control Fund.

Union City Body, a company that shares a business relationship with Workhorse, was found to have sold four new non-California certified vehicles to Frito Lay for use in California. Frito Lay removed the vehicles from California service and Union City Body settled with a payment of $16,000 to the Air Pollution Control Fund.

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