Yamaha Motor Company, Ltd. & Yamaha Motor Company, USA Case Settles for $1,950,000.00

This page last reviewed January 4, 2013.

The Mobile Source Enforcement Section, in conjunction with the Office of Legal Affairs and Office of the Attorney General for the State of California, has entered into a court approved Settlement Agreement in the amount of $2,205,000 with Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA located in Cypress, California and Yamaha Motor Company, Ltd. located in Japan (Yamaha). 

The settlement resolves alleged violations of California Health and Safety Code sections 43151-43153 and 43016 in connection with the alleged importation, delivery, sale and labeling of 2007 model year off-road vehicles.

Under the terms of the agreement $255,000 of the total penalty is suspended for a period of three years, provided Yamaha does not engage in transactional conduct of an on- or off-road motor vehicle prior to receipt of an Executive Order from ARB. This case was closed in December 2012.