California Council on Diesel Education and Technology

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Who Are We?
Establishing the Roles

The Council:  The California Council of Diesel Education and Technology is a cooperative venture of the Air Resources Board (ARB), the service industry, heavy-duty engine manufacturers, and the California Community Colleges. The CCDET is partially funded by environmental cases settled by the ARB.

An appropriate method for educating technicians is through formal classroom and hands- on training

The ARB: The Air Resources Board is the state responsible for protecting air quality. It performs as an advisor to the trucking and service industries. Its primary advisory function in CCDET is to provide regulatory air quality information that affects the heavy-duty motoring industry.
The Industry:  The heavy-duty diesel industry, such as truck owners and operators, and truck organizations provide input to the ARB and the community colleges regarding the day-to day operations of their business. They also benefit by attending CCDET courses, and ARB workshops.
The Engine Manufacturers & Dealers:  The heavy-duty engine manufacturers & dealers have the role of assisting in the design of equipment training, access to technical information, and procuring equipment for classes.
The Colleges:  The education system is comprised of the community colleges in California which serve the vocational needs of the community.

An appropriate method to educate technicians is through formal classroom and hands on training. A balance of classroom training to include diesel engine theory and emissions, government regulations and programs directed at heavy-duty diesel engines, and the appropriate  hands on training.

A community college system in California provides an excellent location for training with its equipment and vocational training already in place. Films, videos, slide presentations, and actual components allow the trainees to become familiar with the problems and solutions in dealing with these government regulations.


Who Are We?

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