Minor Violation Program

This page last reviewed September 9, 2011

ARB's Minor Violation Program allows for most minor violations to result in a notice to comply rather than a notice of violation, providing the violator with an opportunity to correct a violation without the assessment of a fine or penalty. Health and Safety Code 39150 through 39153 required that the ARB and California's 35 local and regional Air Pollution Control Districts and Air Quality Management Districts adopt rules establishing a minor violation program.  These sections were repealed effective January 1, 2006. Many local air district rules also sunset on this date. However, ARB's Minor Violation Regulation did not contain the sunset provisions and still remains in effect. Please contact your local air district directly if you would like to know the status of its minor violation program.

If you have questions regarding this program, please email Judy Lewis or telephone (916) 322-1879.  For further contact information, please visit our Enforcement Program Contacts web page.