Equipment and Process Precertification Program (Stationary Sources Only)

This page last reviewed January 22, 2016
What is the Equipment Precertification Program?    
The Equipment and Process Precertification (Equipment Precertification) Program is a voluntary fee-based program administered by the Air Resources Board (ARB) for manufacturers of commonly-used equipment or processes that are operated as stationary sources. Manufacturers request the ARB to conduct a third-party verification of performance claims, which focus on the air quality benefits of their equipment or processes.    

What is the Criteria for Equipment and Process Precertification?

The Criteria was developed during a series of public meetings and workshops. It was adopted by the Board on June 14, 1996 and became effective on November 30, 1996. The Criteria outlines the requirements, fees and the steps for the ARB to precertify air pollution related equipment and process for stationary sources. Please click the link below for more details.

Criteria for Equipment and Process Precertification

What Equipment Can Be Precertified?    

Most equipment or processes must possess the following to be accepted into Precertification:

  • Related to Air Quality

  • Commonly Used

  • Not Pose a Significant Hazard to Public Health, Safety and the Environment

  • Operated as a Stationary Source.
A manufacturer who is mandated to seek certification to emission standards under any other ARB program or state law is not eligible for Equipment Precertification. For example, mobile sources (cars, trucks, etc.), fuels, vapor recovery, distributed generation, and consumer products would not be eligible for Equipment Precertification.    
What Are The Benefits of Precertification?    

Most manufacturers participate in the Precertification Program to familiarize government agencies with their equipment and to enhance marketing activities. If ARB successfully verifies your claims, you will receive:

  • Technical Evaluation Report

  • Executive Order

  • Precertification Certificate

  • Inclusion in Our List of Precertified Equipment on the ARB Website with Links to Your Web Page.     
ARB also notifies all air pollution control districts (Districts) in California that your claims have been verified. As a result of the ARB's notification, the Districts will already be familiar with the performance claims when applying for a permit to operate.    
Do I Have To Precertify My Equipment?    
No. Precertification Program is a voluntary program.    
How Long Does the Precertification Process Take?    
If an applicant provides the appropriate testing information, we should be able to complete a draft technical evaluation report within 90 days. Some equipment or process may take longer depending on the information provided or additional information requested.    
Who Does the Test Procedures?    
Precertification verification testing should be conducted by a qualified testing company.    
How Much Does Precertification Cost?    
The cost of a precertification will vary depending on the complexity of the equipment, performance claims, and emissions tested. ARB is required to charge fees to recover costs for evaluating air pollution control equipment and processes and for verifying the claims. A written estimate of the fees is provided when notification of eligibility is provided.    
How Long Does the Precertification Last?    
A precertification is valid for three years. If your equipment, process, or claims have not changed significantly, the cost of renewal should be minimal.    

Who has equipment and process that have been precertified?

Currently, four companies have their equipment and process precertified. Please click on the link below for the companies information.

List of Precertified Equipment

For further information about precertification of air-related claims, please e-mail or call Duc Tran at (916) 322-5558. Please e-mail or call Chidambaram Muthukmar at (626) 575-6776 if you are interested in ARB's Motor Vehicle and Engine Certification Program. Please e-mail or call Rose Castro at (626) 575-6848 if you are interested in ARB's Mobile Source Aftermarket, Performance, and Add-On Parts Program.    
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