Midwest Soil-Sement®

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Certified Performance Claim
When topically applied as a dust suppressant in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, including a target concentration of 0.28 gallons of concentrate per square yard of treated surface applied in multiple passes on a single day, Soil-Sement® reduced PM10 emissions by approximately 84 percent after 339 days and 6,780 vehicle (predominantly light-duty) passes on an unpaved road consisting of a silty, sandy loam.
Soil-Sement® does not contain detectable levels of polycyclic organic matter which includes polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons as defined by the Federal Clean Air Act Section 112 (b); nor does Soil-Sement® contain detectable levels of fluorinated or brominated compounds that could be expected to contribute to ozone depletion or global warming.

Technology Description
Soil-Sement® relies upon its high carbon-index polymers to bind a road’s soil particles and increase the cohesion among the aggregate particles.

Technology Application
Soil-Sement® is used as a dust suppressant, as a soil-stabilization agent, and to control erosion and silt runoff. 

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