PennzSuppress® D-Dust Suppressant

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PennzSuppress® Dust Suppressant
PennzSuppress Corp.

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Certified Performance Claim
The certification of PennzSuppress® D is based on its use as a dust suppressant in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. PennzSuppress® D, when topically applied as a dust suppressant (0.15 gallons of concentrate per square yard of treated surface), reduces PM10 emissions by approximately 85 percent after 7,000 vehicle (predominantly light-duty) passes on an engineered unpaved road consisting of a well-graded aggregate.

Technology Description
PennzSuppress® D is a patented product designed to control dust, stabilize soil and control silt run-off from unpaved roads. PennzSuppress® D is composed primarily of a petroleum resin that contains C-25 and higher hydrocarbons. The product relies upon its high carbon-index resin to agglomerate a road’s soil particles and increase the cohesion among the aggregate particles. The agglomeration potential and the increase in cohesion hold the aggregate, including the dust particles, in place.

Technology Application
The PennzSuppress® D is used as a dust suppressant on engineered unpaved roads consisting of well-graded aggregate. Engineered unpaved road means a purpose-built road. Well-graded aggregate is an engineering term that defines road material with a wide range in grain sizes.

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