Alternative Diesel Fuels Regulation Documents

This page last reviewed on December 21, 2017

Alternative Diesel Fuels Related Documents
Executive Orders
  • EO G-714-ADF01:  National Biodiesel Board - VESTA™ 1000 (PDF - 231 KB)
Reporting Requirements
Reporting Summaries
  • Staff Report: Multimedia Evaluation of Renewable Diesel (PDF - 4.2MB)
Regulatory Concepts
  • Discussion of Conceptual Approach to Regulation of Alternative Diesel Fuels (PDF - 658 KB)
  • Preliminary Rulemaking Proposal for Biodiesel Use as an Alternative Diesel Fuel; Proposal for SRIA Alternatives Soliciation (PDF - 93KB)
Regulatory Guidance
  • Alternative Diesel Fuel Regulation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (November 2017) (PDF - 777KB)
  • Renewable Diesel Joint Statement - ARB and SWRCB (PDF - 367KB)
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