Alternative Diesel Fuels Symposium

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The California Air Resources Board (ARB) and the California Energy Commission (CEC) will host a symposium to discuss alternative diesel fuels as a strategy to address California's air quality and energy issues. Alternative diesel fuels have been shown to reduce air emissions of criteria pollutants, toxic air contaminants, and greenhouse gases, though some have negative air quality impacts as well. Alternative diesel fuels also have the potential to reduce our energy dependence on foreign oil. However, various issues associated with fuel production, supply, demand, performance and cost have to be resolved before these fuels can truly be viable alternatives to regular diesel fuel. The symposium will be a forum to discuss the benefits and issues of these fuels with industry, government agencies, local air districts, the environmental community, and other interested parties.

Workshops / Meetings

August 19 and 20, 2003: Alternative Diesel Fuels Symposium in Sacramento, California at 09:30 a.m.

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  • Brochure and Agenda (pdf-130k) (revised 08/18/03)
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    Day 1: August 19, 2003

    1). Water Emulsified Diesel and Ethanol Diesel Fuels.

    - Andres Serrano (Lubrizol): (pdf-1836k)
    - Alex Spataru (The Adept Group Inc.): Emulsified Fuels in Western Europe - An Overview (pdf-323k)
    - James Peeples (O2 Diesel, Inc.): An Introduction to E diesel®: Commercialization & Standardization (pdf-209k)

    2). Gas-to-Liquids (Fisher-Tropsch Diesel).

    - Jim Rockwell (ConocoPhillips): Furure role of Fisher-Tropsch diesel (pdf-748k)
    - Roger Davies (Shell): Gas to Liquids (Fischer Tropsch Diesel) Supply and Economics (pdf-398k)
    - Dennis Yakobson (Rentech, Inc.): Fischer-Tropsch Diesel – Meeting the California Supply Challenge (pdf-1202k)
    - Dan Santini/Michael Wang (Argonne National Laboratories): Assessment of Well-to-Wheels - Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Fischer-Tropsch Diesel (pdf-278k)
    - Robert McCormick (National Renewable Energy Laboratory): Properties and Performance of Gas-to-Liquids Fischer-Tropsch Diesel Fuels (pdf-436k)
    - Brad Edgar (Cleaire): Emission Reduction Performance Benifits of Fischer-Tropsch Fuel Combimed with Advanced Aftertreatment (pdf-175k)
    - Oreste Bevilacqua (CA Truck Testing Services & Bevilacqua, Inc.): Evaluating Alternative Diesel Fuels & Retrofit Devices in reducing emissions (pdf-413k)

    3). Industry and Environmental Perspectives- Current and Future Role of Alternative Diesel Fuels

    - Ellen Shapiro (Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers) - Alternative Diesel Fuels & Light Duty Vehicles:Criteria for Use (pdf-750k)
    - Vinod Duggal (Engine Manufacturers Association): (pdf-138k)
    - John White (Center for Energy and Renewable Technologies)
    - Patricia Monahan (Union of Concerned Scientists): Alternative Diesel Fuel: Challenges and Uncertainties (pdf-170k)

    4). Government Regulations (Part 1)

    - Dave Kortum (U.S EPA): EPA Registration and Health Testing Requirements for Diesel Blends (pdf-199k)
    - Gary Yee (CA Air Resources Board): Verification of Emission Reductions for Alternative Diesel Fuels (pdf-292k)
    - David Lazier (CA Dept. of Food and Agriculture): Alternative Engine Fuels in CA (pdf-165k)

    5). Executive Panel Discussion

    - Dr. Alan Lloyd, Chairman (CA Air Resources Board)
    - James Boyd, Commissioner (California Energy Commission)
    - Harry M. Schuelle, Chief Deputy Director (CA State Water Resources Control Board)
    - Lisa Kunzman, Chief of Division of Equipment (Caltrans)
    - Dr. Chung Liu, Deputy Executive Officer (South Coast Air Quality Management District)

    Day 2: August 20, 2003

    6). Biodiesel

    - Steve Howell (National Biodiesel Board): Biodiesel Specifications and Life Cycle (pdf-263k)
    - Robert McCormick (National Renewable Energy Laboratory): Fuel-Engine Compatibility and Performance of Biodiesel (pdf-501k)
    - Tom Durbin (CE-CERT Univ. of California, Riverside): The Effects of Biodiesel and Other Alternative Diesel Fuels on Emissions from Diesel Vehicles (pdf-151k)
    - Vinod Duggal (Engine Manufacturing Association): Biodiesel Fuels (pdf-115k)
    - Bob Clark /Fred Wellons (Imperial Western Products Inc./Baker Commodities): Biodiesel Research, Manufacturing, and Marketing in California (pdf-2570k)
    - Graham Noyes (World Energy Alternatives): The Transparent Solution: Biodiesel’s Growing Role (pdf-949k)
    - Steve Howell (National Biodiesel Board): Biodiesel Future Direction (pdf-216k)

    7). Government Regulations (Part 2)

    - Jack Kitowski (CA Air Resources Board): Incentive Programs (pdf-367k)
    - Gary Yowell (CA Energy Commission): Cost Effectiveness of Alternative Diesel Fuel Options (pdf-793k)

    8). Fuel User Experience

    - Kent Bullard (Channel Islands, CA): Environmental Leadership in the National Parks (pdf-1663k)
    - Dave Williamson (City of Berkeley, CA): Biodiesel
    - Marc Heiner (Caltrans): Fisher-Tropsch and Water Emulsified diesel fuel (pdf-250k)
    - Bill Luckhurst (Tri-Delta Regional Transit): Water Emulsified diesel fuel

    (This symposium will be webcast on August 19, 2003. Webcast viewers can write in their questions by logging in to:

This website will be updated regularly with information pertinent to this symposium. Attendees should check this website prior to attending to keep updated on substantive information about this symposium.

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