California Reformulated Gasoline Phase 3 (CaRFG3)

This page last updated May 31, 2018

Governor Davis signed Executive Order D-5-99 (Executive Order) on March 25, 1999, which directs the phase-out of methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) in California's gasoline by December 31, 2002. The Executive Order also directs the ARB to adopt gasoline regulations to facilitate the removal of MTBE without reducing the emissions benefits of the existing program. This page presents information regarding the Proposed Phase 3 Reformulated Gasoline Regulations. 

California Reformulated Gasoline Phase 3 Regulations
    The complete California Reformulated Gasoline Regulations as of February 16, 2014 (PDF- 1.2M)
    Board Hearing Documents - Notice of Public Hearing, Staff Report and Associated Materials
    Public Meetings and Draft Documents

    Other Information
    • CaRFG3 Commingling Study
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