Motor Vehicle Test Data

This page last reviewed September 25, 2008

The test results from a motor vehicle emissions study conducted by the ARB are now available. The study evaluated the emissions from twelve 1990 to 1995 model year vehicles using two gasoline blends; one blended with 11 percent MTBE and the other blended with 10 volume percent ethanol. For more details on the vehicles and fuels tested, please select either format WordPerfect - 22K or PDF - 12K document.

The complete data set has been grouped by process to facilitate downloading of the files.  The files are grouped for each test procedure conducted (FTP, REPO5, and EVAPORATIVE).  The summary files have also been grouped (for all processes) as these are likely to be of most interest.  To download the summary files (Compressed Zip- 2,033K), please click here. For the complete data set, download the compressed files below:

California Gasoline Program