MTBE Labeling Requirements

This page last reviewed September 25, 2008

Statewide Labeling Requirements for Pumps
Dispensing Gasoline Containing MTBE

On June 24, 1999, the Air Resources Board (ARB) approved a statewide regulation requiring the prominent labeling of retail pumps dispensing gasoline containing methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE). The regulation was adopted pursuant to Governor Davis’ Executive Order D-5-99 which, among other things, directed the ARB to adopt labeling regulations for gasoline containing MTBE in order to allow consumers to make an informed choice as to the type of gasoline they purchase.
Any pumps that dispense gasoline containing the MTBE additive must be labeled. If you need labels an order form is included at the bottom of this web page.
Software for Calculating MTBE Content
  • The following software has been made available to calculate MTBE content for service station tanks.

    • Installation Instructions

    • MTBE Calculation Software (2.2 MB Windows 9x - 32 Bit Version)

    • (Note: For Windows 3.x - 16 bit version of software, contact Erik White at 916-327-2953.)
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