California Air Resources Board




Public Workshop on Environmental Issues & Potential Health Effects of Using Ethanol in Gasoline


October 4, 1999
9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon (later if needed)
Board Hearing Room
Air Resources Board
2020 L Street
Sacramento, California



  Welcome and Introductions


  Bill Vance, California Environmental Protection Agency  


  Fate and Transport Analysis in Air


  Literature Review of Previous Studies Bart Croes
Organic Gas Emissions Profiles Rich Vincent
Emission Inventories Paul Allen
Air Quality Model Results Luis Woodhouse
Estimated Impacts on Air Quality Levels Rich Bradley
Air Quality Level of PAN Eugene Yang
Fuel and Vehicle Testing Mark Fuentes
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  Each item above will consist of a few minute summary with the majority of time devoted to public input on any issues that should be addressed before the report is submitted to peer review in mid-October.  


  Fate and Transport Analysis in Surface Water and Groundwater


  James Giannopoulos, State Water Resource Control Board
David Rice, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  Potential Ethanol Release Scenarios into Surface and Subsurface Waters
Effect of Ethanol on the Fate and Transport of BTEX in the Subsurface
Effect of Ethanol on BTEX Biodegradation and Natural Attenuation


  Other Issues




  Adjourn (later if needed)




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