Cleaner-Burning Gasoline - Ethanol Fate, Transport, and Health Risk Analysis

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Executive Order D-5-99 issued by Governor Gray Davis on the March 2, 1999, declared that, "on balance, there is significant risk to the environment from using Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether (MTBE) in gasoline in California." This declaration was followed by the assignment of 11 tasks to various designated state agencies responsible for carrying out the decree of the executive order. The Executive Order requires the California Air Resources Board (ARB) to adopt gasoline regulations to phase out MTBE, and requires the ARB, the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA), and the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) to conduct an ethanol fate, transport, and health risk analysis.

Air Quality Impacts (Peer Review Draft Staff Report)

  • Main Report - Air Quality Impacts of the Use of Ethanol in California Reformulated Gasoline (PDF - 148k)
  • Appendix A - Emissions (PDF - 201k)

    • Attachment A1 - Peer Review of Organic Gas Emission Profiles (PDF - 1,230k)
    • Attachment A2 - Tables of Organic Gas Emission Profiles (PDF - 146k)
    • Attachment A3 - Tables of Organic Gas Profiles from Emission Testing (PDF - 149k)
  • Appendix B - Photochemical Modeling (PDF - 501k)
  • Appendix C - Baseline and Future Air Quality Concentrations (PDF - 154k)
  • Appendix D - Response to Scientific Peer Review and Public Comments (PDF - 94k)
Emission Profiles
  • Development of Emission Profiles for CaRFG without MTBE
  • Review of Organic Gas Speciation Profiles of Exhaust and Evaporative Emissions from Alternate Gasoline Formulations - This review concerned an earlier draft version of the profiles.           
Public Meetings
January 18, 2000 Meeting Notice of the California Environmental Policy Council on the Environmental Fate and Transport of Ethanol in Air and Water (Surface and Ground) and Health Effects of Using Ethanol in Gasoline (PDF - 9k)
December 9, 1999 Meeting to Consider the Approval of a Report on the Air Quality Impacts of the Use of Ethanol as a Substitute for MTBE in Gasoline (PDF - 10k)
  • University of California Scientific Peer Review - (PDF - 86k)(Posted on December 8, 1999 at 2:00 p.m. PST)
November 10, 1999 Workshop for Ethanol Fate, Transport, and Health Risk Analysis (PDF - 11k)
October 4, 1999 Workshop on Environmental Issues and Potential Health Effects of Using Ethanol in Gasoline
  • Agenda
  • Analysis of the Air Quality Impacts of the Use of Ethanol in Gasoline (PDF - 84k)
    • Appendix 1 - Development of Emission Profiles for CaRFG without MTBE (PDF - 887k) (Figures PDF - 703k)
    • Appendix 2 - Photochemical Modeling (PDF - 488k)
    • Appendix 3 - Emission Inventories (PDF - 127k)
    • Appendix 4 - Liturature Review (PDF - 16k)
    • Appendix 5 - Methods to Establish Baseline Air Quality Levels and Estimate Future Air Quality (PDF - 204k)
    • Appendix 6 - Ambient Levels of Peroxyacetyl Nitrate in Southern California (PDF - 71k) (Figures PDF - 672k)
    • Appendix 7 - Vehcile Emissions Testing and Gasoline Headspace Analysis Protocol (PDF - 17k
July 12, 1999 Public Workshop for Ethanol Fate, Transport, and Health Risk Analysis

References Used in Ethanol Fate and Transport Analysis (HTML) or (MSWord)

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