What The Automotive Industry Is Saying

"The best part about cleaner-burning gasoline is that we're going to get cleaner air without it being the auto technician's problem -- we're not going to have to buy new equipment, have any new inspections, submit more paperwork, or report to anyone."

"The bottom line is that the Air Resources Board and the industry did their homework.  The California Service Station and Automotive Repair Association is confident that none of our automotive technicians will see any changes with cleaner-burning gasoline."

"We're exceptionally pleased to see government and industry working together to ensure the successful introduction of cleaner-burning gasoline this spring.  Along with other Californians, we look forward to achieving cleaner air, and cleaner-burning gasoline is a huge step towards this goal."

"The results of our bench tests do not indicate a cause for concern.  We believe the plastics and elastomers used in vehicle fuel systems will not be adversely affected by cleaner-burning gasolines. Our owner's manuals have recommended the use of cleaner-burning gasolines for the air quality benefits they provide."

"The results of the comprehensive vehicle test program tell us that cleaner-burning gasoline works as well as current gasoline.  Ford fully supports the use of cleaner-burning gasoline in its vehicles."

"Harley-Davidson conducted an independent test on Phase II cleaner-burning gasoline in our current, on-road motorcycles and found it performs as well as gasoline in use."

"Our testing showed that cleaner-burning gasoline had no detrimental effects on Holley fuel handling products."