Formerly California RFG Fact Sheet 2

Fact Sheet 2

Testing Underway

Testing is underway to evaluate California Phase 2 Reformulated Gasoline (cleaner-burning gasoline) in gasoline-powered motor vehicles and equipment.  The purpose of this testing is to evaluate the performance and compatibility of cleaner-burning gasoline before it is introduced statewide in June 1996.

California Air Resources Board-Sponsored Test Program

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) Test Program will evaluate on-road and off-road vehicle fleets and equipment fueled with cleaner-burning gasoline.  For comparison, control vehicles will operate on conventional unleaded gasoline.  This test program is a cooperative effort between government and industry.  Between February and August 1995, researchers will:

      On-Road Test Fleets

      The on-road test fleets are comprised of a wide variety of vehicles including:

      Off-Road Vehicles and Equipment

      The ARB is working with equipment operators to test a variety of off-road vehicles and       equipment using cleaner-burning gasoline including:

      Test Fuel

      Over 500,000 gallons of cleaner-burning gasoline test fuel will be produced and delivered to       over 12 northern and southern California test sites (see specifications in table on the back of this       sheet).

Manufacturer-Sponsored Testing Programs

Automobile and other equipment manufacturers are testing cleaner-burning gasoline in a variety of on-road and off-road vehicles and equipment including:

      On-Road Vehicles

      Off-Road Vehicles and Equipment

Other Testing of Cleaner-Burning Gasoline

      California RFG Test Fuel Specifications       

     Oxygenate ----------------------- MTBE

     RVP, psi

          Summer ---------------------- 6.5-6.9

          Winter ----------------------- 11.5-12

     Aromatic, v.% -------------------- 18-20

     Olefins, v.% --------------------- 3.0-5.0

     Sulfur, ppm ----------------------- 15-25

     Benzene, v% ------------------ --0.5-1.0

     T50, oF ----------------------- 190-210

     T90, oF ----------------------- 280-300

     Oxygen, wt.% ------------------ 1.8-2.2

     (These values represent ranges for
       blending  tolerance around regulatory

                                       Phillips 66 Company is blending fuel for the
                                       ARB-sponsored test program to meet these