California Environmental Protection Agency
Air Resources Board

May 10, 1996

Dr. Bill Wattenburg
KGO Radio 900 Front Street
San Francisco, CA 94111-1450

Dear Dr. Wattenburg:

This letter is a follow-up to our recent conversation concerning our participation on your program to discuss cleaner-burning gasoline. As I discussed with you, the Air Resources Board would like very much to have a representative on your program to talk about cleaner-burning gasoline and respond to the many critical comments you have made about the Air Resources Board and its fuel regulations.

Our one request is that out representative be allowed to join you in the studio for the discussion. We feel our presence in the studio is essential for facilitating the kind of even-handed, two-way discussion that will benefit your listeners the most. Quite frankly, I am perplexed by your refusal so far to allow us into your studio and by your insistence that we appear on your program via telephone only. My experience is that most radio stations are pleased when government representatives make the extra effort to conduct interviews in their studios.

The Air Resources Board is very concerned that you have given your listeners distorted, inaccurate information on cleaner-burning gasoline. As a public agency, the Air Resources Board feels obligated to provide your listeners (who also are our constituents) with accurate information. While we would like to appear on your program, we believe your on air statements, which have included the use of profanity as well as personal insults of the Air Resources Board and its employees, have created a highly emotional atmosphere that will not allow a proper discussion of cleaner-burning gasoline issues, if we are restricted to telephone contact with you.

Given that you have chosen to make highly emotional attacks on the Air Resources Board, we simply ask that you allow us the courtesy of having a full on-the-air discussion of cleaner-burning gasoline with you in your studio.



Daven Oswalt
Communications Director


cc: Mr. Jack Swanson, Program Director, KGO Radio