GM Service Technology Group

July 21, 1995

TO: Keith Macias, California Air Resources Board (CARB)

FROM: John Stott, G.M. S.T.G. Field Engineering

SUBJECT: B of A Fleet

On July 7th I visited the B of A service garage in downtown Los Angeles. Keith Macias of the CARB had contacted me and asked if I would assist in inspecting several vehicles with reported fuel seepage. I inspected the vehicles with Keith, representatives from B of A, and the EPA inspectors that had reported the problem.

The problem reported by the inspectors was a dampness, or seepage, on the front throttle bodies on the fleets Astro vans. The inspectors noted that they had not seen this condition on the vehicles at the start of the test. It should be noted however, that these vehicles had very low mileage on them at the start of the test.

Our inspection revealed a build up of road dirt and debris on the front of the throttle bodies. This condition is not uncommon on this type of vehicle. The condition is most apparent on vehicles used in hot and/or dusty climates. While this condition was apparent on all of the same type of vehicles that we looked at, it was also apparent on all of the same type of vehicles that we looked at in the control fleet. As an extra precaution we looked at vehicles not involved in the ARB testing and they also had the same condition.

I would not hesitate to recommend that these vehicles be kept in service. The described condition in no way affects the vehicles performance or durability.



John Stott
STG Engineering