Consumer Information: What the Press is Saying About Cleaner-Burning Gasoline

"Reformulated gasoline is clearing the best (air-quality) news is some time."

"... All of California should welcome the new gasoline like a breath of fresh air on a smoggy day."

"Cleaner gasoline will create immediate and substantial improvements in our air.  All Californians should support that."

"Cleaner gas in effect replaces 3.5 million cars right now with non-polluting ones."

"... promises to be the single most significant clean-air improvement in years."

"Cleaner-burning gasoline seems like a solution that's appropriate, practical and direct ... something definitely worth cheering about."

"... about as close to instant gratification as smog-fighting work gets, and it will be welcome."

"The good news is we will soon be getting even cleaner air in California."