What People Are Saying About
Cleaner-Burning Gasoline

"Cleaner-burning gasoline is an important part of California's effort to establish healthy air quality. The use of cleaner-burning gasoline will reduce smog-forming emissions and toxic pollutants from the largest source of air pollution in the state -- motor vehicles.  The health of Californians will benefit from its use, especially those who are most sensitive to air pollution such as the young, the elderly, and people with respiratory problems.  Air pollution is a significant contributor to lung disease, a leading cause of death in America."
                                                                                --- Rick Donaldson, Chairman
                                                                                     American Lung Association of California

"The manufacturers of motor vehicles and gasoline agree with us that California's cleaner-burning gasoline will significantly reduce air pollution, while enabling motor vehicles and other equipment to perform at the high level that Californians expect."
                                                                                --- John D. Dunlap, III, Chairman
                                                                                     California Air Resources Board

"The results of the comprehensive vehicle testing program tell us that cleaner-burning gasoline works as well as the gasoline that is currently being used.  During the testing program, over 800 vehicles of varying makes, age, and mileage were driven about five million miles on cleaner-burning gasoline. Ford fully supports the use of cleaner-burning gasoline in its vehicles."
                                                                                 --- Walt Kreucher, Manager
                                                                                      Ford Motor Company

"Cleaner-burning gasoline provides industry with the flexibility needed to produce a high quality product at the lowest cost possible while reducing emissions of unhealthy pollutants by more than three million pounds a day.  It is a critical component in California's plan to achieve healthy air quality throughout the state.  The achievements of developing cleaner-burning gasoline reduces the need for additional costly controls on a broad spectrum of businesses."
                                                                                --- Ray Remy, President
                                                                                     Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

"The bottom line is that the Air Resources Board and industry did their homework.  The testing showed that cleaner-burning gasoline performed just fine in vehicles and other gasoline-powered equipment.  The California Service Station and Automotive Repair Association (CSSARA) is confident that none of our automotive technicians will see any changes with cleaner-burning gasoline."
                                                                                --- Dennis DeCota, Executive Director
                                                                                     California Service Station and Auto Repair Association

"The use of cleaner-burning gasoline will decrease emissions of pollutants that contribute to health problems by over three million pounds per day.  With healthier air to breathe, lung diseases such as asthma and heart disease will be significantly reduced."
                                                                                --- Eugene A. Boston, M.D., Board Member
                                                                                     California Air Resources Board

"From GTE"s perspective, the introduction of cleaner-burning gasoline gave us zero problems.  I feel safe in saying that we could introduce cleaner-burning gasoline statewide tomorrow and not have any change in performance or any increase in problems whatsoever."
                                                                                 --- Larry Bligh, Fleet Manager
                                                                                      GTE, Camarillo

"Cleaner-burning gasoline is one of the cheapest and most immediate ways of reducing emissions of unhealthy pollutants from gasoline-powered vehicles and equipment.  Its use will benefit all Californians."
                                                                                --- Janet Hathaway, Senior Attorney
                                                                                     Natural Resources Defense Counsel

"When you examine all the alternatives, cleaner-burning gasoline makes sense for Califonria business.  It is the most affordable and most effective means of reducing emissions in California."
                                                                                --- Kirk West, President
                                                                                     California Chamber of Commerce

"The use of cleaner-burning gasoline will reduce emissions of smog-forming pollutants from motor vehicles.  This important step forward is one of many which we must take to improve California's air quality."
                                                                                --- Linda Waade and Tim Carmichael
                                                                                     Coalition for Clean Air

"The comprehensive testing program illustrates the best elements of teamwork between government and the private sector.  The contributions of the diverse group of scientists and engineers were the cornerstone to designing and implementing this far-reaching testing program.  The results of their efforts show that cleaner-burning gasoline works as well in vehicles and other gasoline-powered equipment as the gasoline that is currently in use."
                                                                                --- Joseph Calhoun, Board
                                                                                     California Air Resources Board

"The results of our bench tests of fuel system materials do not indicate a cause for concern.  We believe that the plastics and elastomers used in vehicle fuel systems will not be adversely affected by cleaner-burning gasolines.  This conclusion is supported by our vehicle and emissions warranties, which are not affected by the use of cleaner-burning gasoline.  Our owner's manuals also have recommended the use of cleaner-burning gasolines for the air quality benefits they provide."
                                                                                 --- Gerald Barnes, Ph.D.
                                                                                      General Motors Corporation

"We are excited and proud that cleaner-burning gasoline will help clean our skies with the largest emission reduction program of the last decade."
                                                                                 --- Doug Henderson, Executive Director
                                                                                      Western States Petroleum Association

"Cleaner-burning gasoline will mean a substantial improvement in the quality of the air we breathe. By providing the emission reduction equivalent of 3.5 million fewer automobiles on California roads, its use will benefit all Californians."
                                                                                --- Gary Patton, General Counsel
                                                                                     Planning and Conservation League

"Harley-Davidson Motor Company conducted an independent test on ARB's Phase II cleaner-burning gasoline in our current, on-road motorcycles and found that it performs as well as the unleaded gasoline that is already in use."
                                                                                 --- Edward Michel, Manager
                                                                                      Harley-Davidson Motor Company

"Cleaner-burning gasoline is the most cost effective way to improve California's air quality.  Our members operate more than 300,000 vehicles in California -- so the cost of gasoline is important to us.  We support cleaner-burning gasoline because it is the least expensive way to make such an improvement in the air we breathe."
                                                                                 --- Janis Day Christensen, Vice President
                                                                                      National Association of Fleet Administrators

"We simply fueled our engines and went to work and found that cleaner-burning gasoline worked flawlessly.  Our equipment worked and we had no problems whatsoever relating to its use."
                                                                                --- Sal Genito, Grounds Manager
                                                                                     California State University, Fresno

"For the past several years, we've worked closely with the Air Resources Board on motor vehicle fuel programs.  And we're exceptionally pleased to see government and industry working together to ensure the successful introduction of cleaner-burning gasoline this spring.  Along with other Californians, we look forward to achieving cleaner air, and cleaner-burning gasoline is a huge step towards this goal."
                                                                                --- Jan Speelman, Executive Director
                                                                                     Automotive Trade Organizations of California

"The use of cleaner-burning gasoline will lead to immediate and substantial reductions of mobile source emissions.  The oil industry was given the flexibility to produce cleaner-burning gasoline that resulted in lower emissions in the most cost effective way."
                                                                                --- John S. Lagarias, Board Member
                                                                                     California Air Resources Board

"Chrysler Corporation strongly supports the use of cleaner-burning gasoline because it performs as well as the gasoline that is currently available while significantly reducing emissions of smog-forming pollutants."
                                                                                 --- Norman Nishikubo, Emission Control Specialist
                                                                                      Chrysler Corporation

"Our experience with cleaner-burning gasoline during the test program has been very positive.  Our mechanics have not noticed any increase in fuel-related problems with the vehicles.  If we were going to experience any performance or mechanical problems with cleaner-burning gasoline, we believe we would have given the extreme duty cycle that our police cars are put through."
                                                                                --- Robert Summersett, Fleet Management Superintendent
                                                                                     City of Sacramento