Phase 2 Reformulated Gasoline                             ADVISORY COMMITTEE                                                           Meeting Agenda     June 7, 1995                                                                                                                                           8:30 am to 1:00 pm                                                         Holiday Inn-Northeast, Amador Room            5321 Date Avenue (off Highway 80 &Madison Avenue)                           Sacramento, CA 95841                              1-916-338-5800This is the fourth meeting of the Phase 2 Reformulated Gasoline (RFG)Advisory Committee.   The Advisory Committee was formed to advise the AirResources Board (ARB) on implementation issues associated with theintroduction of Phase 2 RFG.  Subcommittees were formed to provide in-depthcoordination related to the three core elements of ARB's strategy tointroduce this new fuel:  performance, transition, and public education. Please contact Harold Holmes at the ARB at (916) 327-5607 for questionsregarding the Agenda or the meeting.8:30-9:00  MEETING REGISTRATION9:00-9:15  Introductions and Opening Remarks          John S. Lagarias                                                       Board Member, ARB           9:15-10:15 Presentation on Performance Subcommittee            Efforts                                    Dean C. Simeroth, ARB            Status of Performance Test Program            Individual Company Test Programs10:15-11:00  Presentation on Transition Subcommittee             Efforts                                  Susan Brown, CEC            California Phase 2 RFG Supply/Demand Update            CEC/ARB Joint RFG Survey            "What If" Scenarios11:00-11:30  BREAK11:30-12:00  Presentation on Public Education Subcommittee             Efforts                                  Peter D. Venturini, ARB            Status of Public Outreach Plan            Status of Public Opinion Research            California RFG Forum            Fact Sheets           12:00-12:45  Open Discussion                           John S. Lagarias                                                       Board Member, ARB12:45-1:00   CLOSING REMARKS                           John S. Lagarias                                                       Board Member, ARB

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