CALIFORNIA REFORMULATED GASOLINE (CaRFG)                                         ADVISORY COMMITTEE                                 MEETING AGENDA                                October 12, 1995                                    8:30 am                      Sacramento Community Convention Center                       1400 "J" Street, Rooms 306 and 307                             Sacramento, CA 95814This is the fifth meeting of the California Reformulated Gasoline (CaRFG)Advisory Committee.  The CaRFG Advisory Committee was formed to advise theAir Resources Board (ARB) on implementation issues associated with theintroduction of CaRFG.  Subcommittees  provide in-depth coordination relatedto the three core elements of implementing CaRFG:  performance, supply, andeducation.  Please contact Harold Holmes at the Air Resources Board at (916)327-5607 for questions regarding the Agenda or the meeting.8:30-9:00 MEETING REGISTRATION                          9:00-9:15       Introductions and Opening Remarks         John S. Lagarias                                                          Chairman, Advisory                                                          Committee 9:15-10:00      Presentation on Performance                Subcommittee Efforts                      Dean C. Simeroth                 Report on ARB on-road and off-road      Air Resources Board                  test programs                      Report on individual company                   test programs                 Report on the Technical Review                   Panel's efforts                 Performance test program video                                        Status of data compilation, analyses,                   and test program reports             10:00-10:30     Presentation on Transition Subcommittee                Efforts                                   Susan Brown                 Report on CaRFG balance update          CA. Energy                                                           Commission                 Report on distribution/regional                   issues efforts                                 Report on "what if" scenarios and                   information center                          10:30-10:45     BREAK10:45-11:45     Presentation on Public Education                 Subcommittee Efforts                      Peter D. Venturini                 Report on the Public Outreach Plan      Air Resources Board                 Report on public opinion research                   and focus groups video                 Report on public outreach                   implementation efforts                                                            11:45-12:15     Open Discussion                           John S. Lagarias                                                          Chairman, Advisory                                                          Committee12:15-12:30     CLOSING REMARKS                           John S. Lagarias                                                          Chairman, Advisory                                                          Committee   

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