Meeting Agenda          January 18, 1995

                                Phase 2 RFG
                       Public Education Subcommittee

                            1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

                            Air Resources Board
                 Hearing Room, Lower Level, 2020 L Street
                               Sacramento, CA

1:30-1:45     Opening Statement/Introduce New Members/      Ron Friesen
              Approve 11/16/94  Meeting Summary             ARB

1:45-2:15     Update on Performance/Transition              Dean Simeroth 
              Subcommittee Progress                         ARB
                                                            Susan Brown 

2:15-2:45     Present/Discuss Final Public Relations        Richard Corey
              Contract Proposal  ,                          ARB

2:45-3:15     Present/Discuss Revised Draft Public          Richard Corey
              Outreach Plan                                 ARB

3:15-3:30     BREAK

3:30-3:45     Discuss Draft "California RFG Forum #2"       Charles Kersey
                                                            Jim Fischer

3:45-4:00     Present/Discuss Draft Fact Sheet #3           Richard Corey
              ("California RFG Performance Testing          Jim Fischer
                Program--An Overview")                      ARB

4:00-4:15     Identify Items to be Discussed with the       Ron Friesen
              Advisory Committee                            ARB

4:15-4:30     Discuss Goals for the Next Meeting            Ron Friesen

CBG Program Advisory and Subcommittee Activities