Phase 2 RFG
                        Public Education Subcommittee   
                            September 20, 1995
                            1:30 pm to 4:15 pm

                             Air Resources Board
                        Board Hearing Room, Lower Level  
                               2020 L Street
                           Sacramento, CA 95814

1:30-1:45       Opening Statement/Approve 
                7/19/95 Meeting Summary             Peter D. Venturini, ARB

1:45-2:15       Update on Performance/Transition 
                Subcommittee Progress               Dean Simeroth, ARB
                                                    Susan Brown, CEC

2:15-3:15       Implementation of Outreach Plan     Richard Corey, ARB
                                                    David Novak
                                                    Novak Communications

3:15-3:30       BREAK

3:30-3:45       Development of Fact Sheets          Richard Corey

3:45-4:00       Ear-to-the-Ground Members           David Novak

4:00-4:15       Discuss Items for the next 
                Advisory Committee Meeting          Peter D. Venturini

CBG Program Advisory and Subcommittee Activities