Phase 2 RFG Public Education Subcommittee
                     Meeting Summary     January 18, 1995


On January 18, 1995, the fourth Phase 2 Reformulated Gasoline (RFG)
Public Education Subcommittee (PES) meeting was held in Sacramento at
the Air Resources Board. The meeting was attended by about 20 people. 
The following items were presented and discussed at the meeting:

1.   Approval of the November 16, 1994 Meeting Summary
2.   Update on Performance/Transition Subcommittee Progress
3.   Final Public Relations Contract Proposal
4.   Revised Public Outreach Plan
5.   Draft California RFG Forum #2
6.   Draft Fact Sheet #2 (California Reformulated Gasoline--Testing
7.   Items to be discussed with the Advisory Committee
8.   Goals for the next Subcommittee meeting

Summary of Comments and Concerns from Meeting Attendees

The group made several comments on products that were presented, which
included the following: 
Draft California RFG Forum #2
  The ARB may want to send California RFG Forum to California
   environmental writers
  The California RFG Forum should contain a section that identifies
   pollutants reduced by California RFG

   ARB Contact: Jim Fischer (916) 327-5613

Draft Fact Sheet #2

    The ARB may want to send fact sheets to California environmental
    The fact sheets should be mailed to all California County agencies
    The fact sheet could be organized by type of equipment tested rather
     than by entities sponsoring testing (i.e., on-road vehicles, off-
     road equipment, etc.)
    The fact sheet should be re-formatted to make it easier and more
     interesting to read
    A discussion of California RFG health effects testing should be
     included in a fact sheet

   ARB Contact:  Jim Fischer (916) 327-5613

Miscellaneous Comments

    The ARB should consider doing press releases or feature articles for
     the media to advertise the California Phase 2 RFG campaign
     (including performance testing program and test results)
    The ARB may want to consider publishing a list of future RFG
     activities and include contact persons for each activity; this list
     could be published in the California RFG Forum.

Update on Performance and Transition Subcommittee Activities
Performance Subcommittee

Dean Simeroth of the ARB presented an overview of ongoing activities
which include:
 Tracking test fuel manufacturing and finalizing schedules for
  delivery to test sites
 Finalizing selection of on-road and off-road fleets
 Continuing coordination with off-road equipment manufacturers and
  equipment operators testing California RFG
 Monitoring other testing efforts (Chevron fleet test program, and
  GM/Ford Bench Test Programs)

  ARB Contact:              Tony Brasil (916) 323-8967

Transition Subcommittee

Susan Brown of the California Energy Commission (CEC) presented an
overview of ongoing activities which include:

 Continuing to project supply/demand for California RFG in 1996 based
  on gasoline refiner surveys
 Tracking supply and price of gasoline oxygenates
 Continuing to track the transition to Federal RFG fuel in southern
  California via refiner surveys

  ARB Contact:              Greg Allen (916) 327-5599

Items to be Discussed with the Advisory Committee (2/1/95
meeting in Sacramento)

 Present final California RFG Forum #1 and Fact Sheet #1
  California RFG--An Overview
 Present draft California RFG Forum #2  and draft Fact Sheet #2
  California Reformulated Gasoline--Testing Underway
 Discuss details of the Request for Proposal (RFP) for a public
  relations contract

Items for the Next Public Education Subcommittee Meeting
(3/15/95 in Sacramento)

 Discuss outreach activities with the selected public relations
 Discuss ideas for California RFG Forum #3
 Discuss revised draft Fact Sheet #3 (Federal and California RFG)

Inquiries about this Meeting Summary should be directed to Jim Fischer,
ARB (916) 327-5613.

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