Phase 2 RFG Public Education Subcommittee
                      Meeting Summary     March 15, 1995


On March 15, 1995, the fifth Phase 2 Reformulated Gasoline (RFG) Public
Education Subcommittee (PES) meeting was held in Sacramento at the Air
Resources Board. The meeting was attended by about 25 people (meeting
sheet attached).  The following items were presented and
discussed at the meeting:

1.   Approval of the January 18, 1995 Meeting Summary
2.   Update on Performance/Transition Subcommittee Progress
3.   Briefing on RFP Selection Process and Introduced Public
     Relations Contractor
4.   Presentation and Discussion of Outreach Strategy
5.   California RFG Forum and Fact Sheet Series
6.   Items to be covered at the next Subcommittee meeting (5/17/95
     in Sacramento)

Summary of Comments and Concerns from Meeting Attendees

The group made several comments on products that were presented, which
included the following: 
Health Effects from Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE)
  ARB should further investigate and publish a fact sheet on health
   effects from exposure to MTBE
  ARB should closely monitor the public's perception of MTBE and other
   gasoline oxygenates 
  For comparison, health effects data from MTBE and other oxygenates
   could be ranked against other components found in gasoline; a visual
   comparison chart could be effective in communicating health impacts
   from various components found in gasoline

   ARB Contact: Jim Fischer (916) 327-5613

California RFG Forum #2

    RFG & Health:  This section needs to be expanded to provide more
     infomration on the health benefits associated with the use of RFG

   ARB Contact:  Jim Fischer (916) 327-5613

Update on Performance and Transition Subcommittee Progress
Performance Subcommittee

Dean Simeroth of the ARB presented an overview of ongoing activities
which include:
 Tracking recent delivery in late February of California RFG test
  fuel to participating on-road vehicle fleets and off-road equipment
  in northern and southern California
 Continuing to coordinate the delivery of test fuel with off-road
  equipment manufacturers and operators testing California RFG
 Monitoring other ongoing testing efforts (Chevron and Texaco fleet
  test programs, GM/Ford Bench Test programs, and Department of
  Engergy test program)
 Continuing to evaluate effects of California RFG on vehicle fuel

  ARB Contact: Tony Brasil (916) 323-8697

Transition Subcommittee

Susan Brown of the California Energy Commission (CEC) presented an
overview of ongoing activities which include:
 Investigating potential logistical or operational problems
  experienced with distribution of Federal RFG in southern California
 Meeting with all major refiners to investigate the development of
  contingency plans for California RFG
 Continuing to track projected volumes of refinery gasoline
  production to ensure adequate supply of California RFG

  ARB Contact:              Greg Allen (916) 327-5599

Items for the Next Public Education Subcommittee Meeting
(5/17/95 in Sacramento)

  Discuss health effects fact sheet with subcommittee
  Discuss draft California RFG Forum #3
  Discuss responses to questions from Novak Communications
  Discuss the preliminary draft of the outreach strategy

Inquiries about this Meeting Summary should be directed to Jim Fischer,
ARB (916) 327-5613.

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