Phase 2 RFG Public Education Subcommittee
                    Meeting Summary     October 5, 1994


On October 5, 1994, the second Phase 2 Reformulated Gasoline (RFG)
Public Education Subcommittee (PES) meeting was held at the Air
Resources Board (ARB) in Sacramento.  The meeting was attended by about
25 people (meeting sign-in sheet attached).  The key discussion items
and accomplishments included:

1.   Approval of the 8/17/94 Meeting Summary
2.   Approval of the PES Mission Statement
3.   A current update on Performance/Transition Subcommittee
4.   Presentation/discussion of a draft Outline for a Public
     Outreach Plan
5.   Presentation/discussion of a draft Phase 2 RFG Forum (Mock-Up
6.   Presentation/discussion of a draft Phase 2 RFG Fact Sheet
     ("Facts About RFG")
7.   Identified items to be discussed with the Advisory Committee
     (meeting on 10/18/94)
8.   Discussed goals for the next PES meeting 

Summary of Comments and Concerns from Meeting Attendees

Several individuals commented and expressed concerns on the products
presented to the group throughout the PES meeting (see below).  The ARB
staff will be following-up on a number of these comments/concerns and
revising products as appropriate.  The ARB agreed to fax revised draft
products to PES members prior to the next meeting.  Comments/concerns

Outreach Outline

  Audiences (section IV. B.) should be re-prioritized to include most
   critical first (i.e. general public). 
  Additional audiences (section IV.B.) should include: auto repair
   facilities, smog check stations, car dealerships, and trade clubs.
  Investigate organizing press conferences and press packages.
  Investigate outlining a series of events leading up-to RFG
   introduction (including information about ongoing RFG efforts like
   performance testing, education, etc.).

   ARB Contact:                Jean Woeckener (916) 323-4883
Newsletter ("RFG Forum")

  Cost effectiveness should be approached with caution in this
  Investigate & determine the "distribution load" (number of
   recipients) for this publication.
  Determine if copyright restrictions apply to this publication.
  Include contacts and phone numbers with articles.

   ARB Contact:                Charles Kersey (916) 323-6642

RFG Fact Sheets             

  Additional fact sheet topics should be investigated including: 
   information about California's petroleum pipeline system; a
   historical perspective regarding gasoline supply and demand; and
   the toughest questions/answers about Phase 2 RFG;
  "Facts About RFG" could be revised in order to be used for press
  Detailed cost information should not be included in "Facts About
   RFG."  This fact sheet, however, should indicate that Phase 2 RFG
   will cost more to produce than conventional gasoline.
  Fact sheets could include "bullet" or "summary" sections so that
   audiences can quickly read about critical Phase 2 RFG facts "at-a-

   ARB Contact:           Jim Fischer (916) 327-5613

Miscellaneous Comments

  Investigate using credit card bill inserts (fact sheets/informative
   brochures about Phase 2 RFG).
  Fleet operators will need cost impact information prior to
   introduction of Phase 2 RFG.
  Outreach messages should come from an "aggregate" of sources
   (refiners, marketers, distributors, government, etc) as opposed to
   from a single source (i.e. solely refiners).
  Contact Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) teaching/training staff
   for additional target audiences (certified automotive technicians,
   other technical trade people).

Update on Performance and Transition Subcommittee Activities

Performance Subcommittee

Dean Simeroth of the ARB presented an overview of ongoing Performance
Subcommittee activities which include:

  Finalizing Evaluation Test Protocols (Onroad and Offroad) 
  ARB & Auto/Oil estimates for current and typical Phase 2 gasolines
   (blending compositions)
  In-use studies to evaluate compatibility of Phase 2 RFG with
   current vehicles and equipment
  Details regarding Phase 2 RFG control/test fuels, fuel procurement,
      and fleets to be tested(Performance Subcommittee continued)

  Proposed Performance test schedule
  Ongoing non-road engine testing (utility, lawn & garden, marine
   vessels, snowmobiles, agricultural, etc) 

   ARB Contact:           Tony Brasil (916) 323-8967

Transition Subcommittee

Susan Brown of the California Energy Commission (CEC) presented an
overview of current Transition Subcommittee activities which include:

  Overview of the CEC/ARB Joint RFG Survey conducted to ascertain
   estimated volumes (thousand barrels per day) of product slate from
   California refineries for two specific time periods
  A summary of California RFG Balance
  Other ongoing work activities including updating a database of
   (California fuel suppliers ...), monitoring federal Phase 1 RFG
   supply and demand, etc. 

   ARB Contact:           Greg Allen (916) 327-5599

Items to be Discussed with the Advisory Committee (10/18/94

  Present draft Overview of Key Activities for the PES
  Mission Statement for the PES
  Draft fact sheet ("Facts About RFG")
  Mock-up of Newsletter (RFG Forum)

Items for Next PES Meeting (11/15/94 in Los Angeles)

  Draft contract proposal for a Public Relations (PR) firm
  Draft work plan
  Final fact sheet ("Facts About RFG")
  Final newsletter ("RFG Forum")

Inquiries about this Meeting Summary should be directed to Jim
Fischer, ARB (916) 327-5613.

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