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                 Phase 2 RFG Public Education Subcommittee
                   Meeting Summary     November 16, 1994


On November 16, 1994, the third Phase 2 Reformulated Gasoline (RFG)
Public Education Subcommittee (PES) meeting was held in Los Angeles at
the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Hotel.  The meeting was attended by about
20 people (meeting sign-in sheet attached).  The following items were
presented and discussed at the meeting:

1.   Approval of 10/5/94 Meeting Summary
2.   Performance/Transition Subcommittee progress
3.   Draft Public Relations Contract Proposal 
4.   Draft Outreach Plan
5.   Draft "California RFG Forum #1" (newsletter about RFG)
6.   Fact Sheet #1 ("California RFG--An Overview")
7.   Draft Fact Sheet #2 ("California and Federal RFG--A
8.   Items to be discussed with the Advisory Committee
9.   Goals for the next Subcommittee meeting

Summary of Comments and Concerns from Meeting Attendees

The group made several comments on products that were presented, which
included the following: 

Draft Public Relations Contract Proposal

-  Scope of work to be performed by the public relations firm should
   focus on developing an outreach strategy
-  Local air districts (public affairs departments) should be
   consulted on the Request for Proposal (RFP) as well as potential
-  The selection criteria (page 4) should emphasize the contractor's
   public outreach strategy 

ARB Contact:  Jean Woeckener (916) 323-4883

Draft Public Outreach Plan

-  Information regarding the performance characteristics of Phase 2
   RFG should be included in the introduction section (e.g.; will
   phase 2 RFG hurt my car?)
-  Outreach Plan should effectively communicate health and
   environmental benefits, performance, cost, and availability of
   Phase 2 RFG
-  General motoring public should be the most important audience for
   outreach purposes
-  Performance and Transition Subcommittee activities need to be
   incorporated into the plan   
-  News media should be identified as a separate target audience
   rather than an outreach option

ARB Contact:  Jean Woeckener (916) 323-4883

"California RFG Forum #1"

-  The Forum should include a section that identifies a contact person
   for copies of the RFG Forum, Fact Sheets, or questions about RFG 

ARB Contact:  Charles Kersey (916) 323-6642

Draft Fact Sheet #2 ("Federal and California RFG--A Comparison")    

-  The Federal/California RFG comparison table (page 2) is too
   technical; the table should be revised so that it can be understood
   by non-technical audiences (general public)
-  VOC, NOx, and CO terms used in Fact Sheet #2 should be defined
-  The chart on page 1 should only compare Federal Phase 1 RFG with
   California Phase 2 RFG
-  Information about why we need RFG (from Fact Sheet #1 ) should be
   included in Fact Sheet #2

ARB Contact:  Jim Fischer (916) 327-5613

Miscellaneous Comments

-  A more creative approach for comparing environmental benefits of
   RFG (in addition to presenting emission reductions in tons per day)
   should be explored
-  Cost effectiveness of RFG needs to be addressed and published
-  The ARB may want to consider comparing California Phase 2 RFG
   emission reductions with an equivalent "number of cars removed from
   the road per day" statement
-  In planning outreach activities, PES efforts should closely be
   linked to Performance and Transition Subcommittee activities

Update on Performance and Transition Subcommittee Activities

Performance Subcommittee

Dean Simeroth of the ARB presented an overview of ongoing Performance
Subcommittee activities which include:

-  Evaluating the Battelle Research Institute's preliminary findings
   on a study conducted on 21 delivery vans burning California Phase 2
-  Finalizing the evaluation of test protocols (on-road and off-road)
-  Discussing details regarding test fleets as well as Phase 2 RFG
   fuel procurement 
-  Evaluating ongoing on-road manufacturer testing (GM, Ford, Honda
   motorcycles, other auto manufacturers)
-  Evaluating ongoing off-road engine manufacturer testing (Tecumseh,
   Briggs & Stratton, Honda) 

ARB Contact:  Tony Brasil (916) 323-8967

Transition Subcommittee

Susan Brown of the California Energy Commission (CEC) presented an
overview of current Transition Subcommittee activities which include:

-  Evaluating the Phase 2 RFG compliance and enforcement process
-  Evaluating limitations of existing distribution systems including
   pipeline and marine terminal operations
-  Tracking the transition to Federal RFG in southern California

ARB Contact:  Greg Allen (916) 327-5599

Items to be Discussed with the Advisory Committee (2/1/95 meeting in

-  Present Final "California RFG Forum #1" and final Fact Sheet #1
   "California RFG--An Overview"
-  Present Draft "California RFG Forum #2"

Items for Next PES Meeting (1/18/95 in Sacramento)

-  Final Request for Proposal for a public relations firm contract
-  Discuss status of responses from potential contract candidates
-  Draft "California RFG Forum #2"
-  Draft Fact Sheet #3 ("California RFG Performance Testing Program--
   An Overview")

Inquiries about this Meeting Summary should be directed to Jim
Fischer, ARB (916) 327-5613.

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