CaRFG Public Education Subcommittee
                              Meeting Summary 
                             September 20,1995


On September 20, 1995, the eighth Phase 2 Reformulated Gasoline (RFG)
Public Education Subcommittee (PES) meeting was held in Sacramento at
the Air Resources Board. The meeting was attended by about 30 people
(meeting sign-in sheet attached).  The following items were presented
and discussed at the meeting:

1.   Approval of the July 19, 1995 Meeting Summary
2.   Update on Performance and Transition Subcommittee activities
3.   Update on Public Outreach Activities Underway
4.   Items for the next Public Education Subcommittee meeting
     (10/12/95 in Sacramento)

Update on Performance Subcommittee Progress
Performance Subcommittee
Dean Simeroth of the ARB presented an overview of ongoing activities
which include:

 Continuing to coordinate testing activities with companies testing
  California RFG including Chevron, Texaco, GM, and Ford;

 Continuing to work with the Technical Review Panel (TRP),  a
  committee of experts from the automotive and oil industries as well
  as government, to summarize findings from the ARB test program;

 Evaluating historical vehicle maintenance records to determine
  baseline failure rates of fuel system components; and

 Developing draft language to summarize the preliminary findings
  from the ARB Test Program.

ARB Contact: Tony Brasil (916) 323-8697

Transition Subcommittee

Susan Brown of the California Energy Commission (CEC) presented an
overview of ongoing activities which include:

 Continuing to coordinate with Santa Fe Pacific Pipeline Company to
  discuss adjustments that will be implemented to distribute
  California RFG in 1996; and

 Continuing to monitor the California supply and demand balance for
  California RFG in 1996.

ARB Contact: Greg Allen (916) 327-5599

Implementation of the Public Outreach Plan

Richard Corey of the ARB presented a summary of the ongoing outreach
efforts underway which include: 

  Development of draft messages to summarize the findings from the
   ARB Test Program; 

  Development of other draft messages to be used for the public
   outreach campaign; and

  Plans to reach out to key organizations to discuss California RFG.
ARB Contact:  Jean Woeckener  (916) 323-4883

Items for the Next Public Education Subcommittee Meeting (10/12/95 in

  Develop and discuss draft messages to be used for the outreach
   effort on California RFG outreach campaign.

Inquiries about this Meeting Summary should be directed to Richard Corey, 
(916) 323-1079.

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