Phase 2 RFG Public Education Subcommittee
                   Meeting Summary October 12, 1995


On October 12, 1995, the ninth Phase 2 Reformulated Gasoline (RFG)
Public Education Subcommittee (PES) meeting was held in Sacramento at
the Sacramento Community-Convention Center.   The meeting was attended
by about 30 people (meeting sign-in sheet attached).  The following
items were presented and discussed at the meeting:

1.   Update on Performance Subcommittee activities
2.   Outreach Messages
3.   Opinion Leader Outreach
4.   Items for the Next Public Education Subcommittee meeting
     (December 1, 1995  in Sacramento)

Update on Performance Subcommittee Progress

This item was skipped to allow more time for review of the outreach

Finalize Outreach Messages

Richard Corey of the ARB presented two draft documents on the California
RFG outreach messages.  Both documents incorporated earlier comments
received from PES members and ARB management.

The PES members reviewed the documents line by line.  The format for
conveying the messages was also discussed.  It was decided that the ARB
would revise the documents based on the comments and FAX a revised
version of the messages to the PES for their final review.  

Opinion Leader Outreach

This item was held over until the next meeting of the PES.

Goals for the Next Meeting (December 1, 1995)

o  CaRFG Brochure
o  Media Outreach

CBG Program Advisory and Subcommittee Activities