Phase 2 RFG
                          Performance Subcommittee
                             1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

                         Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza
                                 Salon Room
                         5985 W. Century Boulevard
                      Los Angeles, CA  90045  (Near LAX)

   1:00-1:15     Introductions and Opening Remarks       Dean Simeroth, ARB

   1:15-1:30     Approval of Minutes                     Dean Simeroth, ARB

   1:30-2:00     Results of Phase 2 Gasoline Test by     George Sverdrup,
                 Federal Express                         Battelle

   2:00-2:30     Finalize Revised Test Protocol          John Courtis, ARB

   2:30-2:45     Discuss Bench Test Program              Gerald Barnes, GM

   2:45-3:15     BREAK

   3:15-3:45     Discuss Monitoring Fuel Blender to      Rich Vincent, ARB
                 Ensure Blending of Test Fuels with
                 California Representative Blendstocks

   3:45-4:15     Discuss Criteria for Identifying        Paul Jacobs, ARB
                 Potential Vehicle Problems

   4:15-4:30     Discuss Agenda for Next Meeting         Dean Simeroth, ARB

   4:30-5:00     CLOSING REMARKS                         Dean Simeroth, ARB

             Note: All items are open to discussion

CBG Program Advisory and Subcommittee Activities