Meeting Agenda        March 14, 1995

                                     Phase 2 RFG
                              Performance Subcommittee

                                 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

                                 Air Resources Board
                      Hearing Room, Lower Level, 2020 L Street
                                   Sacramento, CA


    1:00-1:15     Introductions and Opening Remarks       Dean Simeroth, ARB

    1:15-1:30     Approval of Minutes                     Dean Simeroth, ARB

    1:30-1:45     Progress of On-Road Test Program        John Courtis, ARB

    1:45-2:00     Progress of Off-Road Test Program       Jack Kitowski, ARB

    2:00-2:15     Briggs and Stratton Test Results        Jack Kitowski, ARB

    2:15-2:45     Discuss Volumetric Fuel Economy Paper   Jim Guthrie, ARB

    2:45-3:15     Other Company Test Programs             Open

    3:15-3:30     Discuss Agenda for Next Meeting         Dean Simeroth, ARB

    3:30-3:45     CLOSING REMARKS                         Dean Simeroth, ARB

    3:45-4:00     BREAK

    4:00-5:00     Technical Review Panel Meeting          Paul Jacobs, ARB

             Note: All items are open to discussion

CBG Program Advisory and Subcommittee Activities