CaRFG Performance Subcommittee

                                   MEETING AGENDA

                                  February 14, 1996
                                 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
                                   Radisson Hotel 
                           Rooms A and B, 500 Leisure Lane
                                 Sacramento, CA 95815

9:00-9:15               Introductions and Opening Remarks       Dean Simeroth, 

9:15-9:30               Approval of Minutes                     Dean Simeroth, 

9:30-10:00              American Petroleum Institute (API)      Steve Welstand, 
                        Study                                   Chevron R&D

10:00-10:15             Discussion of ARCO/Ultramar Test        Dave Smith, 
                        Program                                 ARCO

10:15-10:30             Summary of the Holley Report            Don Chernich, 

10:30-11:45             Discussion of the CaRFG Report          Dean Simeroth, 
                        - Executive Summary                     ARB
                        - Part 1, ARB On-Road Test Program
                        - Part 2, Individual Company Test Programs
                        - Part 3, Off-Road Test Program

11:45-12:00             Agenda for Next Meeting and Closing     Dean Simeroth,

     Note: All items are open to discussion

CBG Program Advisory and Subcommittee Activities