MEETING SUMMARY

                          MARCH 14, 1995

I.   Introduction

     The performance subcommittee discussed the following key
     issues regarding the Phase 2 Reformulated Gasoline
     performance and compatibility testing program:

          Progress of On-Road Test Program
          Progress of Off-Road Vehicle and Equipment Test Program
          Volumetric Fuel Economy
          Other Company Test Programs

     The minutes from the previous meeting, January 17, 1995,
     were approved with no changes.   Copies of presentations
     given at this meeting are enclosed with this summary.

II.  Progress of On-Road Test Program

     The on-road test program began at the end of February and no
     problems have been reported.  The test fleet vehicle
     inspection is complete and all of the memorandums of
     understanding have been signed except for the Fresno State
     University memorandum. Delivery of the wintertime test fuel
     began on February 27, 1995.  Summertime test fuel delivery
     to Southern California locations will begin near the end of
     March and in Northern California delivery will occur in the
     middle of April.  The on-road fleet composition has changed
     slightly since the last meeting.  Attached, for your
     information, is a table of the on-road fleet composition and

     Today was, also, the first meeting of the Technical Review
     Panel.  The panel consists of experts from automotive
     manufacturers and oil companies to evaluate any
     incompatibility problems that may occur.

     Contact: Nelson Chan  (916) 327-1510

III. Off-Road Vehicle and Equipment Test Program

     The off-road test program is being conducted in various
     stages.  Tecumseh and Briggs and Stratton have completed
     testing; however, Briggs and Stratton is holding their
     Phase 2 RFG test report confidential due to the situation in
     Wisconsin.  Neither company has encountered mechanical or
     performance problems with the fuel.  UCD will begin testing
     lawn and garden equipment and portable power equipment, and
     Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo will begin testing tractors near
     the end of March.  Caltrans has already started testing off-
     road equipment with the fuel used for the on-road vehicles.

     Contact: Kathleen Nolan  (818) 350-6519

IV.  Volumetric Fuel Economy

     Prior to the meeting, members were provided with a copy of a
     draft document comparing the theoretical volumetric fuel
     economy of California Phase 2 RFG with California Phase 1
     RFG.  The paper represents staff's analysis through a
     literature search which shows that dynamometer testing
     results indicate that volumetric fuel economy is linearly
     proportional to energy content.  Based on staff's
     preliminary analyses indicates that Phase 2 RFG will have a
     two to four percent fuel economy loss compared to California
     Phase 1 RFG.  A final copy of this document will be made
     available to the general public, soon.  General Motors using
     indolene as their control fuel estimated a fuel economy
     impact of three to four percent loss, and the Federal
     Express fleet found from a back to back control test a 0.1
     percent gain to a 2.7 percent loss.  We will monitor fuel
     economy in our test program.

     Contact: Jim Guthrie (916) 327-1508

V.   Other Company Test Programs

     EMCO Wheaton has recently volunteered to test fuel pump hose
     compatibility with Phase 2 RFG.  Both Ford and General
     Motors are ready to begin bench testing, but they are
     awaiting delivery of the summertime fuel to begin testing.
     The Department of Energy will test 5 California model
     vehicles with wintertime and summertime Phase 2 RFG to
     evaluate high mileage performance and emissions from
     Phase 2 RFG.

VI.  Other Issues

     Concerns with MTBE, stemming from the problems in Wisconsin,
     are being monitored carefully.  Thus far, the complaints
     reported in Wisconsin have not been substantiated by

     Chevron will replicate ARB analysis of the fuel samples


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