MEETING AGENDA                                    

                        California Reformulated Gasoline
                            Transition Subcommittee

                              September 20, 1995
                              9:00 am to 12:00 pm

                              Air Resources Board
                           Hearing Room, Lower Level 
                                 2020 L Street
                                 Sacramento, CA

9:00-9:15       Opening Remarks, Approval of Draft 
                5/17/95 Meeting Summary and Draft 
                8/2/95 Meeting Summary                  Susan Brown CEC

9:15-9:45       Santa Fe Pacific Pipeline 
                "Pipeline & Terminal Operations for
                California RFG"                         Mary Morgan
                                                        Santa Fe Pacific

9:45-10:15      CALNEV Pipeline/GATX  
                "Pipeline & Terminal Operations for
                California RFG"                         Rob Kennedy

10:15-10:45     CEC Preliminary Analysis of Fuel 
                Distribution Patterns                   James Fore CEC

10:45-11:00     Break

11:00-11:30     California RFG Balance Update           Gordon Schremp CEC

11:30-11:45     Regulatory Issues Update 
                -  September 6, 1995 "Housekeeping"
                Consultation Meeting  -  ARB 
                Variance Guidelines & SB 709            Dean Simeroth ARB

11:45-12:00     Discussion of Miscellaneous 
                Outstanding Issues & Closing Remarks    Susan Brown CEC

CBG Program Advisory and Subcommittee Activities