Phase 2 RFG

                           Transition Subcommittee

                              9:00 am to 12:30 pm

                             Holiday Inn Crown Plaza
                                   Salon Room
                            5985 W. Century Boulevard
                            Los Angeles, CA (Near LAX)

    9:00-9:20    Opening Remarks, Approval of October 5, 1994    Susan Brown
                 Meeting                                         CEC
                    Summary, and, Overview of 
                    Distribution Topics

    9:20-9:50    Presentation on Distribution Operational        Mary Morgan
                 Issues                                          Santa Fe
                           (See Attached Outline)                Pacific

    9:50-10:20   Enforcement of Regulations & Compliance         Jim
                 Demonstration                                   Morgester

   10:20-10:40   Break

   10:40-11:10   Status Report on Efforts to Improve Test        Don Bea
                 Methods                                         WSPA

   11:10-11:40   Presentation on Storage Capacity Limitations    Tom Glaviano
                    by Location, and, a Status Report on Los     CEC
                    Angeles Area Survey Regarding the 
                    Transition to Federal Phase 1 RFG

   11:40-12:00   The National Supply Outlook, U.S. EPA Phase     Al Mannato
                 1 RFG                                           U.S. EPA

   12:00-12:30   Discussion of Miscellaneous Outstanding Issues  Susan Brown
                    & Closing Remarks                            CEC

                         Presentation Outline
                    Distribution Operational Issues

                             November 16, 1994
                          Los Angeles, California

                               Mary Morgan
                       Director, Products Movement
                       Santa Fe Pacific Pipelines

-    Pipeline Operations Overview

     -    Service Area, Products, Customers
     -    Nominations, Scheduling, Field Operations
     -    Product Grades
     -    Transmix Blending

-    Pipeline Capacities/Throughput

     -    West Line
     -    San Diego Line
     -    East Line
     -    Brisbane/San Jose Lines
     -    Stockton/Fresno Lines
     -    Sacramento/Reno/Chico Lines
     -    Oregon Line

-    Pipeline Destinations/Storage Capacity

     -    California Terminals - Storage Capacity
     -    Military Intermediate Storage
     -    Railroad Diesel Storage
     -    Breakout Tankage Capacity

-    Preparations for CARB Phase II Gasoline in 1996

     -    Concord "Drain Dry" Breakout Tankage
     -    New Product Code System
     -    New SCADA Software
     -    New Laboratories
     -    Expanded Quality Control/Oversight Program

-    Potential Bottlenecks

     -    Pipeline System

          -    Bay Area Gathering System
          -    Reno Line
          -    Watson-Colton Line
          -    San Diego Line

     -    New Projects: Impact on Bottlenecks

          -    Reno Line Expansion
          -    Concord/Bakersfield/Colton Pipeline
          -    San Diego Line Expansion
          -    Mexico Pipeline

     -    Limited Flexibility = Decreased Capacity

          -    Tank Throughput Limitations
          -    Variances for Tank Service Changes/Transitions
          -    Restrictions on Handling Off-Spec Product
          -    Limited Ability to Handle Containment Issues

     -    Increased Product Segregation = Decreased Capacity

          -    Desire for "Custom-Delivery"
          -    Driven by Federal/State Requirements Outside CA
          -    Proliferation of Product Grades
          -    ETBE Segregation at Terminals
          -    Requirements Outside CA Impact CA System
          -    Reduces Ability to Respond to Upsets

CBG Program Advisory and Subcommittee Activities