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           Phase 2 Reformulated Gasoline Transition Subcommittee
                   Meeting Summary    November 16, 1994

I.   Introduction

     The Phase 2 Reformulated Gasoline Transition Subcommittee
     held a meeting on November 16, 1994 in Los Angeles at the
     Holiday Inn Crown Plaza,  from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm.

     The key issues discussed were:

     o    Potential Bottlenecks in Pipeline Distribution System 
     o    Enforcement of CARB RFG Regulations
     o    Efforts to Identify and Develop Better Gasoline Test Methods
     o    Marine Terminal Limitations and Imports

     Attached for your information are copies of the
     presentations which were made to the subcommittee, and a
     copy of the meeting attendance list.  Inquires about this
     meeting summary should be directed to Mr. Greg Allen,
     Transition Subcommittee Secretary,
     at (916) 327-5599.

II.  Pipeline Distribution System

     Mary Morgan, Director of Products Movement for Santa Fe
     Pacific Pipelines, gave a presentation regarding
     distribution issues associated with pipeline operations. 
     The presentation included a general overview of pipeline
     operations, throughputs, destinations and storage
     capacities.  The presentation also addressed Santa Fe
     Pacific's ongoing efforts to deal with potential
     distribution bottlenecks associated with the pipeline
     system.  The discussion of potential bottlenecks included:

          o    Limitations of existing pipeline system
          o    Impact of ongoing and future expansion projects
          o    Limited flexibility results in decreased capacity
          o    Increased product segregation results in decreased capacity

     Contact: Mary Morgan (213) 486-7781

III. Enforcement of CARB RFG Regulations

     Jim Morgester, Chief of ARB's Compliance Division, gave a
     presentation regarding ARB's approach to enforcing fuels
     regulations.  Mr. Morgester began with an overview of ARB's
     existing fuels enforcement program and how the program was
     developed.  Specifically, Mr. Morgester discussed the
     various design elements and considerations which are applied
     in the development of a reasonable and rational enforcement
     program.  A major goal in developing such a program is to
     create an even playing field for all parties involved. 
     After discussing general program information, the following
     specific items regarding the enforcement of the Phase 2 RFG
     Regulation were addressed:

          o    Compliance options
          o    Protocols
          o    Phase in period
          o    Low volume service stations
          o    Sampling locations
          o    Test methods
          o    Audits of company records
          o    Imports of RFG

     Contact: Roye Jackson (916) 322-6033

IV.  Gasoline Test Methods

     Don Bea, Chevron U.S.A., gave a status report regarding the
     efforts of the joint CARB/WSPA Test Method Working Group
     which was formed to identify and develop better gasoline
     test methods.  The presentation and associated discussions
     addressed the following issues:

          o   Overview of adopted gasoline test methods
          o   Poor reproducibility of sulfur and olefins test methods
          o   Adoption by U.S.EPA of unproven methods for oxygen and aromatics
          o   Problems with benzene method when ethanol is present
          o   Status of coordinated efforts with NIST to develop standard 
              reference materials and test protocol for Phase 2 RFG     

     Contact: Don Bea (415) 894-3274

V.   Marine Terminal Limitations and Imports

     Tom Glaviano of the CEC gave a brief presentation regarding
     marine terminal limitations as they relate to the transportation and 
     distribution of imports to California.  In addition to a review of 
     past supply and demand projections, the following items were discussed:

          o    Projected imports of  crude and blendstocks
          o    Tanker and barge movements of crude and product
          o    Tankering issues
          o    Storage issues

     Mr. Glaviano concluded his presentation with a list of
     issues to be discussed at the next meeting which included:

          o    Completed refinery surveys
          o    Bulk terminals
          o    Regional perspective
          o    Underground storage regulations
          o    Vulnerabilities

     Contact: Tom Glaviano (916) 654-4874     

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