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LCFS Fuel Pathways

This page last reviewed May 9, 2016

A fuel pathway carbon intensity (CI) consists of the sum of the greenhouse gases emitted throughout each stage of a fuel's production and use, also known as the "well-to-wheels" or "lifecycle" analysis for the fuel. CI is expressed as the amount of lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions per unit of fuel energy in grams of carbon dioxide equivalent per megajoule (gCO2e/MJ). CIs include the direct effects of producing and using this fuel, as well as indirect effects that may be associated with how the fuel impacts other products and markets.

Knowing your fuel's CI is the first step to receiving credits under the LCFS. Parties may apply for either "Tier 1" treatment (for first generation fuels) or "Tier 2" treatment (for second generation fuels). Follow the links below to learn more about the fuel pathway application process and the universe of fuel pathways that have already been certified.


fuelpathway application

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